Chinese bus manufacturing facility in Sindh

 If Yutong Bus is to be believed, the factory will be built in either Karachi or Hyderabad.

Yutong Master bus parked at a station in Karachi.

On Thursday, the Minister of Transport for Sindh, Sharjeel Inam Memon, and the Country Manager for Yutong Bus in China, Paul Zhang, met to examine the possibility of Yutong Bus establishing a facility in Sindh to manufacture public transportation vehicles. As per Yutong Bus, the manufacturing facility would be established in either Karachi or Hyderabad.

Wayner Wang, who is the head of the Yutong Service, was there with Zhang. During the discussion, everyone present agreed that a detailed plan should be prepared by the following week. It is anticipated that the factory would take up between 15 and 18 acres of land.

Yutong Buses China ready to set up a public transport plant in Sindh
This important development took place in a meeting b/w Minister 4 Transport @sharjeelinam and Country Manager of Yutong Buses in Paul Zhang.
The plant wl b planted on 15 to 18 acres of land.

— Suhail Gadhi-PPP (@Suhail_gadehi) July 14, 2022

Memon said that his agency is making each effort to encourage international investors to build up such a factory in Sindh, and he added that doing so would strengthen the public transport system, bring foreign investment to the country, and generate new employment possibilities.

At the event were also Transportation Director Abdul Haleem Sheikh, Sindh Public Transportation Authority General Manager Capt (retd) Altaf Hussain Sario, and National Radio and Telecommunications Commission Project Director Sohaib Shafiq.

photo facebook yutong master motor


Earlier, the based on inter Peoples Bus Service was officially launched by Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari. The provision of critically needed transit infrastructure is going to be accomplished via the implementation of the public transport system in Karachi with the intention of making life easier for the city’s residents.

As part of the People’s Intra Area Bus Service initiative, about 240 buses imported from China and equipped with air conditioning would operate along seven routes throughout Karachi.

The project will begin services along Route 1 from Model Town to Building, traveling a total distance of about 29.5 kilometers and stopping at 38 different stations along the way. Seven routes around Karachi have been finalized as part of the initial phase of the project, and 240 buses will travel along those routes.

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