Pakistan categorically rejects Indian Army’s ‘baseless allegations’

FO rejects 'so-called' Indian Army's dossierProblem of Indian Army:

Islamabad has responded negatively to the dossier that the Indian Army is said to have issued, which is said to include unsubstantiated accusations against Pakistan. Islamabad has stated that the rumored contents of the report were constructed using misinformation and bogus statements.

Defense Ministry:

The Indian Ministry of Defense is said to have published a 33-page dossier in which it accuses Pakistan of “hatching terror plans,” as reported by India Today.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the Spokesperson for the Foreign Office, Asim Iftikhar, claimed that the so-called dossier that was compiled by the Indian Army accused Pakistan for India’s own terrorist actions inside the Indian Illegally Annexed Jammu & Kashmir –IIOJK–.

‘We outright reject this untrue and fabricated’ so-called’ dossier, the disclosed components of which have been fashioned using lies and misinformation, fake assertions, and suppositions that seek to deflect the world’s attention from India’s own brazen and very well campaign of government and pervasive violations of human rights in the IIOJK,’ he added. “We outright refuse this false and fabricated’so-called’ dossier, the observed contents of which have

Foreign Office Statement:

According to the statement released by the FO, the fact of the matter is that over the past few days, and per have been noted where linked directly between the Bharatiya janata party and crime committed in IIOJK, Udaipur, and others has been uncovered. The statement also stated that these direct links have been uncovered in numerous instances.

According to the statement, Pakistan has on a consistent basis presented the international community with indisputable proof of Indian occupation forces’ gross and widespread human rights violations in the IIOJK, which have been enabled by draconian laws. Pakistan has done this by compiling evidence-based dossiers. “The truth about India’s active making plans, promoting, aiding, abetting, financing, and implementation of terrorist activities in Pakistan has been extensively documented through these compilations,”

According to the statement issued, it is lamentable that India has selected to present fictional financial records in order to divert focus from its own failures. Rather than satisfying its international obligations and making sure that the humans of (IIOJK) are allowed their unalienable rights rights of self in line with the applicable –UNSC– decisions and as per one‘s wishes, India has instead chosen to present fantasy accounts, which is a disappointing choice.

In its statement, the FO urged India to engage in some self-examination with the intention of putting its domestic affairs in order. 

“The foolish Indian efforts to masquerade as a supporter of terrorism and leveling bogus claims of terrorism connected to Pakistan stand completely exposed,”

Pakistan questioned India to bring out self reflection with a perspective to putting its very own homes in order. The statement went on to say that “The mischievous Indian tries at guised as a victim of violence and smoothening baseless terrorism-related accusations against Pakistan hold fully exposed.” This was in reference to India’s attempts to accuse Pakistan of being complicit in terrorist acts. Separately, Tackling the weekly media briefing, the Foreign Office Spokesman said Pakistan would then continue supporting the Kashmiri people in one‘s just fight against Indian occupation until the realization of their unalienable rights rights of self as promised to them by this same pertinent United Nations Security Council resolutions.“It is no shock that weekdays a dozen Kashmiri youngsters were detained in ongoing barricade and search operations. The will of Kashmiri people has not been subjugated by India despite the fact that it has used all tools of persecution and has made state terrorism a policy, as he continued to say. India needs to realize this fact.

In response to a question about Pakistan’s rapidly improving ties to the United States, a spokesperson for the Pakistani government stated that the United States has on multiple occasions, and even more recently, stated that they do not want to, and that they do not look through their own connection with Pakistan in the sense of Pakistan’s relationship with China. This statement was made while the spokesperson was commenting on Pakistan’s vastly improved ties with the United States. “I think that’s a positive indicator that permits Pakistan to start taking forward our connections with both the US and China on sections of track,” said the spokesperson, in light of the fact that recent reports stated that the US was disheartening Pakistan on –CPEC–. “I think that’s a healthy sign that enables Pakistan to consider taking forward our links with both the U.s China on parallel tracks,” said the spokesperson.

Minister Of foreign affairs Bilawal and US Commissioner:

The statement was made by the spokesperson while reacting on the recent high-level telephone interactions involving Minister Of foreign affairs Bilawal and US Commissioner Blinken. He said that these high-level conversations were in the benefit of both nations. “And you’re smart enough to realize that wherever engagement occurs at such a high level, the topic of conversation is certain to be comprehensive. The conversation will focus on ways in which our two countries may strengthen their ties to one another.

China and the United States Trip:

According to what he had to say on the matter, “it also covers our mutual interests regionally and worldwide, and you understand, all of these matters were the subject and emphasis of the talk between the two ministers.” In recent days, Pakistan has been the site of considerable diplomatic activity, involving trips both from China and the United States, according to what he stated. “They signal that Pakistan wants to develop and expand our connections with both of these nations, who have been our allies for a very long time,” “We look forward to broadening this partnership, to taking it forward in a way that is balanced, objective, and mutually beneficial,” he added. “We are excited about the possibilities.”

In particular, in the frame of reference of relations to Washington, the spokesperson stated that the goal was to work toward a partnership which is wide ranging and is exhaustive – which is concentrated on economic relations, trade and business, and many other areas such as climate change, energy, health, and obviously, so there’s this security and defense aspect, which is part of the this collaboration. Specifically, the goal was to work toward a partnership which really is versatile and is comprehensive.

Over the course of many years, Pakistan and the United States have worked together to advance their respective national security and defense agendas. He continued, “We have had lengthy collaboration in the setting of counterterrorism, and I assume it is in the involvement of our 2 nations that we continue taking this connection, this collaboration inside the security and defense side, forward for the context of our takes a broad view and promotion of interactions with the US.” “I think this is in the great importance of our partner governments that humans try to take this bond, this alliance in the defence and security side, forward during the sense of with us overall expansion and advancement of interactions with the US.

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