Dreadful Rain and a Huge Storm Surge in Balochistan


According to GEO News’ story from Tuesday, at least six individuals, including three women, were murdered in events connected to rain throughout the province of Balochistan, while seven more remain missing.

Destruction Due to Heavy Rain:

A large number of mud dwellings were destroyed by the torrential downpour that hit Quetta. The heavy rains caused the roofs and walls of many homes in the Sariab neighborhood of Quetta to fall, killing six people, three of whom were women.

On Monday, precipitation led to the disappearance of seven persons and the injury of almost twenty others.

In the afternoon, severe weather, including heavy rains and gusty gusts, spread throughout most of the province. Two young children were reportedly carried away by floodwaters beside a canal inside this Eastern Bypass region.

The district government of Quetta and rescue personnel have begun providing aid to flood-stricken districts. Forty families in need were relocated to a relief camp at a school in Goharabad.

Four miners were lost after heavy rains in Bolan’s rugged landscape caused flooding in the Geshtri ditch near Machh. Injured guy was rescued by locals, and a search is still continuing for other persons. The Marri miners were on their way home when they were caught in the rising waters.

Numerous trees and utility poles were knocked down in Quetta during yesterday’s storm. The regional capital and its neighboring regions were shrouded in darkness when numerous lines of Quetta Electric Supply Corporation –Qesco– were tripped.

According to the Foreign office, central and northern portions of Balochistan may expect further heavy showers with thunderstorms.

Agencies report further from Quetta:

At least six persons were killed in the province of Balochistan on Saturday as a result of the heavy rainfall that caused flash floods in Mastung, Khuzdar, Harnai, Noshki, Loralai, Kohlu, Dhadar, & Dera Bugti. The water left a trail of catastrophic destruction in its wake. As a result of the crisis, the communication lines between numerous cities were severed, which led to the suspension of traffic and caused hundreds of automobiles to get stuck.
Seven lives were lost when a landslide occurred in Nasirabad. The line between Quetta & Sibi was severed. The city of Quetta was also deprived of its gas supplies. There have been reports of cattle being carried away by the flood, terrible damage being done to fields, and the walls of mud buildings collapsing in on themselves. And a great number of vehicles obstructed on the various routes.

In a similar manner, the neighborhoods of Hub Jam Colony, Union Council Pathra, Magsi Mohalla, and Union Council Berot in district Lasbela were the most severely impacted. In the Magsi Mohalla, an overflowing nullah was the source of two people having to be saved by Band Murad by the residents and the police.

According to a statement released by the Inter-Services Public Relations, the recent rainfall has also caused some damage to the Nai Gaj Dam. As a consequence of this damage, the dam’s flood protection dike has been breached.

ISPR Statement:

The statement continued by saying that “Army forces, including army engineers, together with motorboats & army medical teams have arrived impacted regions in order to assist with rescue and relief activities.”

At least 12 settlements in the Dadu region have been badly devastated as a direct result of this.

Death in Sibi: 

According to the –PDMA–(Provincial Disaster Management Authority), five people, including four women and one male, were murdered on Sunday in Sibi when violent rivers carried away a truck. 

According to Levies, this tragic event occurred when the truck attempted to enter to Beji river despite the heavy flooding that was occurring at the time. An eyewitness named Bahadur Khan, who was also hurt in the collision, said that the vehicle had been transporting around 25 people along with their cattle.

KPK Flood Caused by Glacial Lake Burst:

On July 3, 2022, Pakistan’s –NDMA– recorded flash flooding in the Laspur Valley of Kpk as a consequence of a Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF). Because to the closure of many routes, a considerable number of festival-goers on their way back to their hotels were unable to make their connections.
Due to the sustained high temperatures and rain, the PDMA issued a warning that there is a high chance of glacial lake eruption flood -GLOF- occurrences beginning on June 30.

2022 Monsoon Rain in Quetta:

The exceptional brutality of this year’s monsoon weather has claimed the lives of at least 38 people and left 59 more wounded. Additionally, 231 buildings have been severely damaged while the remaining 110 have been demolished.

Heavy #rains and flood relay at #Sariab Mill on #Quetta Sariab Road pic.twitter.com/OV5V7Fr5PV

— khalid baloch (@KhalidMamsani) July 4, 2022


Pakistan need to take the issue of climate change seriously otherwise it would become a disaster in future. This is today’s footage of Upper Chitral where GLOF resulted in flash flood and thousands of tourists stranded who were coming back from Shandur festival. pic.twitter.com/3rz9LZ3nKi

— Izharullah (@Izhar2u) July 3, 2022

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